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I have been working with food in various capacities since 2009. My work springs from a passion for delicious and nourishing food. Food that is good for people and planet and available to all.

Moving to Leicester in 2018, I found myself between jobs, not really knowing what to do next. During this time, I was reading a lot about food and farming, and found myself particularly captivated by wheat and the story of bread.


This captivation turned to obsession and had me ranting passionately to friends late into the night. One day, one such friend offered me some bread. She apologised profusely that it was supermarket bread... I looked at her and said "Mate, what's the alternative?"


There was no alternative! In that moment, I decided that I would provide one.  

I completed a short micro-bakery course and in September 2019, launched Ear To Ground Bakehouse, from what used to be my dining room.

Opening a small batch bakery from my home gives me the opportunity to make nourishing and authentic sourdough bread; real bread, more available in Leicester.

- Bex


EAR TO GROUND BAKEHOUSE IS LISTENING... food, to farmers, to bakers, to millers, to the growers, to the workers, to the land, to the science, to the bread eaters, to the non-bread eaters, to the resistance, to those who dream, to the voiceless, to those without means, to the wind whispers,

to what has been, to what is and to what could be.


...bread that is better, bread that is real, bread that has an honest crust, bread that is human-scale, bread that offers dignity, bread that breeds community, bread that pays it forward, bread that gives it back, bread that won't cut corners, bread that shows it's cracks, bread that calls for an alternative way,

bread that fills, bread that heals, bread that is life.



Food provenance matters to us. Knowing where, how and by whom our flour and grains have been grown and milled, enables us to not only produce great tasting and nourishing bread, but to also tell you all about it.

All of our bread is naturally leavened with sourdough, slowly fermented and freshly baked.

Our flour is stoneground and grown in the UK.

We love wholegrain and work to include more in our bakes. 

All these things contribute to nutritionally rich, more digestible and better tasting bread!

Where possible, we try to use ingredients that haven't travelled too far, and that have been grown or produced sustainably, ethically, and fairly.

We work with a variety of small scale millers, and are building relationships with several farmers and other local food producers.

We are committed to understanding more about the non-commodity grain movement in the UK, and including these grains and flours in our baking. 

We love learning about agroecology and how as a bakery we can develop a menu that supports these farming systems.

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